In Praise of Knowing

This poem engages several dataset visualizations from NOAA's Science-on-a-Sphere at Easton's Nurture Nature Center. This was my contribution to Perspectives 5: Art on the Environment. I'm joined here by fellow poets John Cosgrove, Ann Burke, Elynn Alexander and Matt Wolf, and of course, beloved Michael Wall.

Reading at Farley's Bookshop

From the series hosted by the wonderful Joanne Leva. The recording is a bit quiet, but these are some of my favorites.

0:14 Bon Vivant
1:23 The Most Beautiful Fork in the World
2:44 37 Birds
4:28 The Window of Nobody Home
5:21 Getting It Wrong
7:11 The Better Part of Valor

Elizabeth, My Other

From the opening of “Duets,” an ekphrastic art show with New Bridge Group in Allentown, PA. This poem is in conversation with an EA Kafkalas painting, "Introspection."