[Let X=X, Poems by Cleveland Wall]

Let X=X

Kelsay Books, 2019

“The Dictionary in My Head,” “Slattern,” “Dromomania,” “Once I Thought I Was Wrong, But I Was Mistaken,” “Apothecary Dream,” “My Rogue Self,” “The Window of Nobody Home,” “Hydrangea Rage”…. skim the Table of Contents of Cleveland Wall’s Let X=X, and you immediately get an idea of the rich and varied play of the mind set loose in this book. Here is a wry, quirky, intelligent, generous, probing voice that will knock you off balance a little but always pull you back to your metric feet. Cleveland Wall presents us a fallen world but does so in a language so engaging and regenerative we are invited to embrace this world in all of its troublesome and marvelous eccentricities. Once you have read this book you will want to read it again. And again. Its electricity becomes your own; on any page you can tap into its power and re-charge yourself.

Christopher Bursk, author of Improbable Swervings of Atoms